Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Bit About Me

25 Things About Me :)

Here are twenty five "ditties" about me that you might not already know!

1. I hate peas, feet, long hair on boys, and conceited people

2. I do almost all of my thinking in the shower and while driving

3. I have a VERY VERY large phobia of Clowns

4. I own 52 pairs of shoes, the majority of which are high heels :) i. love. shoes.

5. I kind of sort of have OCD... all volumes need to be on even numbers or a number divisible by 5, all papers MUST be folded evenly, I have to eat colored things such as fruit snacks, m&m's, skittles, etc. in a pattern...I'm weird, I know

6. I consider myself a nerd, I like learning, I enjoy intellectual conversation, I get really excited about interesting facts. I am a big NERD.

7. I'm a momma's girl AND a daddy's girl.... I'm just special and somehow ended up being both :D

8. I hate when stuff is on my hands, when I cut up fruit I cut up a piece then wipe my hands and cut up another piece only to wipe my hands again haha

9. When I am upset, I play the is my everything, it helps me cope, makes me happy, and tells my story.

10. I love sudoku, I get a major high when I complete one :P

11. I think I have a split personality, half is a total girl, the other half is a tomboy.

12. I have only kissed 2 people

13. I feel more comfortable around children than any other age group. I would rather spend time with kids, they are fun, accepting, honest, and loving. Being around them brings out my best self.

14. I am happiest on rainy days. I love the rain (& that's an understatement).

15. I have started my own design company called "Kenzie Girl Designs". I design custom invitations, announcements, scrapbooks, stationary, cards, blog layouts etc......its my new "thing".

16. I love to take care of people by feeding them. I like to bake and cook good, real, yummy food & treats. If you come over, I will feed you :), don't worry I am just trying to love you! ...... I believe that one way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

17. I am a HUGE Phoenix Suns fan, I love basketball.

18. I am competitive.

19. I love people. I love to talk to people and I love to figure people out. Just ask my friends, all I ever do is analyze people, their actions, words, and problems. Its inherent in me.

20. I collect quotes. I recite them endlessly, its how I give advice, make a point, motivate, & learn.

21. I love performing, being on stage, and public speaking.

22. Sometimes I just like to be a "home-body". There is no place like home.

23. I don't like cake. Its really the frosting part that bothers me.

24. My comfort foods are... any kind of fruit, any kind of pasta, anything with potatoes

25. My religion is my life, I have never been more dedicated to something before.

I am tagging Kourtney Garner, Beth Alamo, and Courtney Brown...enjoy ladies!

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Beth said...

Oh my goodness Kenzie, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I've left it open the past 15 minutes, just for the P&P music alone. Then I saw your design, and was like, "where on earth did she get? I love it!"...then I saw Kenzie Girl Designs. I'm impressed! you have more?