Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving On....

Due to recent events I have decided to make some changes regarding my blogging.  I have decided to stop writing this blog and switch to other one... why?

1.  I am not longer a "Miss" but a "Mrs."
2.  I wanted a blog for both David and I to chronicle our wonderful newlywed adventures
3.  I was itching for a change anyway :)

So to anyone that reads these (only 6 people to my knowledge) you can now read about the latest "Mcdavie" (David & McKenzie mixed together for those of you confused by the title) stories and events.  You can catch it all at  Thanks for reading everyone.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Those Magic Changes

I haven't "blogged" in what feels like a century. My last post was in February. I wrote it while sitting in class next to the person I always sit next to, Kourt. If someone would have said to me "You're next blog won't be written until September", I probably would have laughed and agreed completely. Back in February I would have thought my September blog post would be pretty much the same as the February one. Nothing ever changes all that much, right? Wrong.

I am still sitting in class (the same classroom in fact, my major doesn't provide diversity of classrooms). I am still sitting next to Kourtney (who always sits on my right by the way, I am a creature of habit). I am still can't seem to focus on the lecture and I am still behind on my class readings. In some ways things haven't changed and probably won't ever change. But in the last several months my life has seen some drastic changes. If you'd like, let's take a tour of one of the biggest changes I've had these past seven months.

In April, the week after General Conference, I began dating my very good friend David. It came out of nowhere, we were disgustingly into each other, and I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I tend to be the type of girl that doesn't just "jump" into a relationship, but somehow this one was different.

In June David's parents invited me on their family vacation to Washington. I had a blast, loved the weather, and thought it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I got to know the entire family. David has 3 older brothers, 3 sister in-laws, 4 nieces, and 1 nephew. They were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. I think I scared my parents when I went on this vacation, apparently things were getting "serious".

In July David came with my family to California and Utah. We stayed in a condo off the beach in Oceanside, CA and had a TON of fun. David got really sunburned, wore a floral speedo, and even took family pictures. After Cali we drove to Utah for not one but TWO family reunions. Yes, David is a very brave soul to endure that many relatives.

After the vacation was over we drove home, a looooong drive, 12 hours to be exact. Everyone was tired, except for David, who was particularly ancy to get home. I figured he had had enough of the Hansen Family and was ready for a break. The closer we got to Phoenix the more intense his excitement became. We got home and David unpacked the car at lighting speed. My mom was very impressed with his level of helpfulness. After unpacking his car and half of our car he told me he would be back in an hour to come get me. I had no idea what was going on.

An hour later he showed up, blindfolded me, and drove me to a mountain we had hiked before. He practically ran me to the top. As I was attempting to catch my breath he asked if I wanted dessert. I told him that I wanted to catch my breath first. One minute later, dispite my continued taxed breathing he decided it was time for dessert. He handed me our favorite, Hershey sundae pies. He scarfed his down while I was sitting, panting, having only taken 2 bites. David tossed his plate in the trash and said he had a card for me. He asked me to read it out loud because "he wasn't sure his feelings came out right in words". I read a beautiful card about how much he loved me and then I got to the line the made me stop reading....."All of this has brought me to my knees to ask you..." I looked up and yes you guessed it, he was on one knee.

In reading this you may have already caught the jist a long time ago. As for me, I was surprised. Well thats that. I am engaged! David and I are getting married Friday November 6, 2009 in the Mesa, AZ temple. I love my ring, I love my fiancee, I love it all!

I know, you all saw it coming. But it is exciting nonetheless. The planning has begun and the waiting is getting annoying :) There is a lot to do and a lot to think about.

A lot has changed and a lot more is yet to change. I have learned that when you least expect it, life has a way of making major changes. There isn't much "heads up" and no one asks you if you're ready. But one day you wake up and realize you are far from where you ever expected you would be. Sometimes this realization won't make you very happy and sometimes it makes you the happiest person in the world. As for me.....I'm happier than I have ever been.

P.S. The writing of this post was inspired by Paige, who has been waiting far too long for a blog post from me. Here you are cutie, I hope you enjoyed it :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fairytale Endings

"When sailing on life's stormy sea,
'Mid billows of despair,
'Tis solace to my soul to know
God hears my secret prayer"

My good friend Kourtney brought the lyrics to the 3rd verse of hymn #144 "Secret Prayer" to my attention today. In reading the verse over and over in my mind, singing it in my head, I was filled with a sweet gratefulness. The verse captures my feelings quite poignantly.

Sometimes in life we feel like we are hitting wall after wall. Despite our unwavering efforts towards righteousness, things fall apart. I have expressed frequent frustration about "making plans" to my mother lately. I have felt a deep sense of urgency to DO something with myself. Plan after plan seemed to fall through my hands. There were many times where I wanted to throw up my hands and say, "I am only trying to do what you want!"

But fortunately an all knowing Father in Heaven is wise beyond comprehension. I have been reminded continually of my constant blessings. My loving family, supportive friends, education, job, talents, and mere being. I want to publicly express my gratitude to the God who has given me all things and blessed me abundantly, beyond measure.

Even though a lot of my hopeful plans did not come to fruition, just when I was about to quit, something wonderful happened!

I auditioned for the musical "Sleeping Beauty" at the Hale Centre Theatre in Gilbert. On a whim, I took a leap and decided to audition. I have always loved being in musicals and since I have deemed this the age of "ME", I decided to do something that I actually wanted to do! I auditioned and give it my best shot. AND.....

I MADE IT! I got a call today asking me to play the fairy Moonbeam.

I am honores to be casted in such an exciting role! My character is known as the "smart-aleck" fairy who knows too much for her own good. It seems like such a fun show to be in! Now I will be even busier than before but perhaps that will be good for me!

I hope all of you can come see the show! It opens Saturday March 7 and runs every saturday until June 27 at 11:00am. for more information!

I believe in Fairytale Endings :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Bit About Me

25 Things About Me :)

Here are twenty five "ditties" about me that you might not already know!

1. I hate peas, feet, long hair on boys, and conceited people

2. I do almost all of my thinking in the shower and while driving

3. I have a VERY VERY large phobia of Clowns

4. I own 52 pairs of shoes, the majority of which are high heels :) i. love. shoes.

5. I kind of sort of have OCD... all volumes need to be on even numbers or a number divisible by 5, all papers MUST be folded evenly, I have to eat colored things such as fruit snacks, m&m's, skittles, etc. in a pattern...I'm weird, I know

6. I consider myself a nerd, I like learning, I enjoy intellectual conversation, I get really excited about interesting facts. I am a big NERD.

7. I'm a momma's girl AND a daddy's girl.... I'm just special and somehow ended up being both :D

8. I hate when stuff is on my hands, when I cut up fruit I cut up a piece then wipe my hands and cut up another piece only to wipe my hands again haha

9. When I am upset, I play the is my everything, it helps me cope, makes me happy, and tells my story.

10. I love sudoku, I get a major high when I complete one :P

11. I think I have a split personality, half is a total girl, the other half is a tomboy.

12. I have only kissed 2 people

13. I feel more comfortable around children than any other age group. I would rather spend time with kids, they are fun, accepting, honest, and loving. Being around them brings out my best self.

14. I am happiest on rainy days. I love the rain (& that's an understatement).

15. I have started my own design company called "Kenzie Girl Designs". I design custom invitations, announcements, scrapbooks, stationary, cards, blog layouts etc......its my new "thing".

16. I love to take care of people by feeding them. I like to bake and cook good, real, yummy food & treats. If you come over, I will feed you :), don't worry I am just trying to love you! ...... I believe that one way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

17. I am a HUGE Phoenix Suns fan, I love basketball.

18. I am competitive.

19. I love people. I love to talk to people and I love to figure people out. Just ask my friends, all I ever do is analyze people, their actions, words, and problems. Its inherent in me.

20. I collect quotes. I recite them endlessly, its how I give advice, make a point, motivate, & learn.

21. I love performing, being on stage, and public speaking.

22. Sometimes I just like to be a "home-body". There is no place like home.

23. I don't like cake. Its really the frosting part that bothers me.

24. My comfort foods are... any kind of fruit, any kind of pasta, anything with potatoes

25. My religion is my life, I have never been more dedicated to something before.

I am tagging Kourtney Garner, Beth Alamo, and Courtney Brown...enjoy ladies!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pure Entertainment

I can't believe we are almost one month into the new year! I started looking over the past few weeks, trying to figure out where the time went. In reflection I decided that my life has been purely entertainment lately. I don't know how I got so lucky but I have highly enjoyed myself! I thought I would share some highlights:

It is never a dull moment in the Hansen house. Carter (the youngest brother, age 9) split his forehead open last night, OUCH! He hit it on the edge of his bed frame and while the sight of blood and sounds of screaming was scary at first, Carter is just fine. On the drive over to get it stitched up he said, "Good thing my brains aren't oozing out and I would loose all my smartness"...We LOVE "Carterisms".

I spent New Year's Eve at F1 Raceway and while I didn't drive the cars, I had a blast! My girlfriends & I danced the night away. PLUS I bought these beautiful shoes midnight blue patent leather Antonio Milani heels on sale to wear to the event. Needless to say , it was a great night!

As a Christmas present, my amazing friend Kourtney gave me two COURT SIDE SEATS to the Phoenix Suns! Talk about a dream come true! Dan and I couldn't stop taking pictures to document the once in a lifetime experience.
My friend Allan decided to take a couple of us repelling near the Salt River. I had done it a few times before but it was still a little unnerving. The rush afterwards is way worth it! My poor friend Alyssa accidentally got stuck upside down while repelling off the mountain, scary in the moment, hilarious after. Taylor got lost trying to get back up to the top of the cliff we were repelling. Which is only funny if you know Taylor and her hiking stories, love it! Allan repelled down for the last time and broke his angle on the landing. He has a very high pain tolerance!
I went and saw The Lion King, the musical, at ASU Gammage. I was in awe. The costumes were unbelievable. I just kept wondering how someone ever came up with such imaginative ideas. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am so glad I got to go, it has always been one that I have wanted to see. Thank you Dan! :)

A few of my guy friends took Alyssa and I shooting. It was a lot of fun shooting their guns and wearing the fun ear covers and eye goggles. I decided that the next time I go shooting, I am wearing high heels. Double the power, double the fun. :)

The past few weeks I have learned how to long board, bought a new phone, started a new round of classes, hiked Squaw Peak at sunset (gorgeous panoramic view), played croquet (for the first time in at least 5 years), fallen in love with almond butter with chocolate, designed Kayla's bridal shower invitations, beat the high score in Wii Fit Hoola Hooping, bought lots of new sheet music at Milano's, rock climbed, seen the Joseph Smith movie, done baptisms at the temple, had dinners with family and friends, and enjoyed myself thoroughly.
I am so grateful for all the exciting and new things I am able to do. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about the past, the future, the what ifs, the negatives, that we never realize the joy that is around us.
I get it now, these are the best days of my life.