Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fairytale Endings

"When sailing on life's stormy sea,
'Mid billows of despair,
'Tis solace to my soul to know
God hears my secret prayer"

My good friend Kourtney brought the lyrics to the 3rd verse of hymn #144 "Secret Prayer" to my attention today. In reading the verse over and over in my mind, singing it in my head, I was filled with a sweet gratefulness. The verse captures my feelings quite poignantly.

Sometimes in life we feel like we are hitting wall after wall. Despite our unwavering efforts towards righteousness, things fall apart. I have expressed frequent frustration about "making plans" to my mother lately. I have felt a deep sense of urgency to DO something with myself. Plan after plan seemed to fall through my hands. There were many times where I wanted to throw up my hands and say, "I am only trying to do what you want!"

But fortunately an all knowing Father in Heaven is wise beyond comprehension. I have been reminded continually of my constant blessings. My loving family, supportive friends, education, job, talents, and mere being. I want to publicly express my gratitude to the God who has given me all things and blessed me abundantly, beyond measure.

Even though a lot of my hopeful plans did not come to fruition, just when I was about to quit, something wonderful happened!

I auditioned for the musical "Sleeping Beauty" at the Hale Centre Theatre in Gilbert. On a whim, I took a leap and decided to audition. I have always loved being in musicals and since I have deemed this the age of "ME", I decided to do something that I actually wanted to do! I auditioned and give it my best shot. AND.....

I MADE IT! I got a call today asking me to play the fairy Moonbeam.

I am honores to be casted in such an exciting role! My character is known as the "smart-aleck" fairy who knows too much for her own good. It seems like such a fun show to be in! Now I will be even busier than before but perhaps that will be good for me!

I hope all of you can come see the show! It opens Saturday March 7 and runs every saturday until June 27 at 11:00am. for more information!

I believe in Fairytale Endings :)


Beth said...

Kenzie, HOW EXCITING!! I love the Hale Theatre, and I love you! The combination of the two is really going to make my night :) We'll have to see if a group from the RS wants to go, I am definitely going to be there!
Thanks for sharing your sweet feelings on here too. I think it helps us all to know everyone else is trying to figure life out too. You have great insight, keep it coming :)

AmberlyGreen said...

Congrats! Wish we lived there still so we could come see. Miss you guys! Love ya, Amberly